Moosejaw, Boston

Online outdoor clothing and gear retailer Moosejaw’s store in Boston is designed to bring the quirky brand’s “Love the Madness” philosophy to life.    

Unlike the company’s previous stores, which involved taking over existing retail locations from other retailers, the new space was created specifically to evoke Moosejaw’s irreverent style and establish a brick-and-mortar presence that truly reflects the brand.

Designed by FRCH Design Worldwide, the new prototype is informal, fun, open and not overly designed. The space is marked by its raw, utilitarian yet purposeful architecture. Each design element is meant to convey authenticity, from the concrete flooring and plywood displays to the pipe railing and exposed ceiling. Carabineers and ropes are used throughout the store to hang displays and graphics, reflecting Moosejaw’s strategy of providing products with a purpose in a non-contrived way.

With online operations core to Moosejaw’s business, FRCH added a window in the shopping space that allows shoppers to look into the back-of-house shipping department. Customers can see the connection between the company’s online and in-store functions, and watch as employees create fun packaging and add stickers to each box.

The dressing rooms reflect the brand’s playful spirit. FRCH gave each room a unique style and feel. One is a disco complete with a shining disco ball; another is a glamorous vanity area. A window from one dressing room looks out to the seating area outside so customers can see their friends (it is strategically positioned so that modesty still prevails.)

Moosejaw wanted to create a community space for customers to gather and interact. To that end, unique experiences are located throughout, including a ping pong table that is used as both a display table and for table tennis tournaments. A cork wall is set up for customers to leave photos, messages and stories from their latest adventures.

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