Motorola study: Most retail managers say consumers better informed than associates

Schaumburg, Ill. -- A holiday shopping study released Wednesday by Motorola Solutions found that technology continues to radically transform the traditional holiday shopping experience, as 61% of surveyed retail managers believe that shoppers are better connected to information than in-store associates, increasing from nearly 59% in 2011 and 51% in 2010.

Surveyed shoppers echoed a similar sentiment – as nearly one-half (46%) of Gen Y shoppers, 38% of Gen X shoppers and 32% of Boomer shoppers felt better connected to product information than associates.

According to the study, the increasing utilization of shopping-related technologies is having an impact on the shopper experience across varied age demographics. Key findings include:

  • 64% of Gen Y and 52% of Gen X shoppers used their personal mobile device for shopping-related activities compared to only 37% of Boomer and less than 15% of pre-Boomer shoppers.
  • 46% of Gen Y and 36% of Gen X shoppers agreed that they can more readily locate information on their personal mobile device rather than asking a store associate for assistance. Only 19% of Boomer and less than 12% of pre-Boomer shoppers agreed.
  • 54% of Gen Y and 43% of Gen X shoppers were likely to access guest Wi-Fi for shopping-related activities. This compares with 34% of Boomer shoppers and 20% of pre-Boomer shoppers.
  • Boomers are four times more likely to increase their spending as the result of a helpful associate than by using self-service technology.
  • 47% of respondents asserted they have a better experience when sales associates use the latest technologies to assist them.
  • 48% reported that helpful store associates motivated them to spend more in-store.
  • More than half of 72% of shopping-related walkouts resulted in lost sales – an average loss per abandonment of $156.
  • 63% of store managers agree that they need more real-time information to better ensure customer satisfaction.

“It is clear that retailers who embrace technology to enable their store associates to directly engage shoppers are creating differentiation through customer service,” said Eduardo Conrado, SVP and chief marketing officer, Motorola Solutions. “With nearly one-half of surveyed shoppers stating that they have a better experience when retail associates use the latest technology, retailers’ adoption of the right technology that targets shoppers of various age groups will help drive greater customer satisfaction and increased sales opportunities.”

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