Mr. Clean Performance Car Wash/Timberland Outdoor Performance

Service Mr. Clean Performance Car Wash Mason, Ohio Design: Design Forum, Dayton, Ohio

Mr. Clean extends its brand and steps into the retail arena with Mr. Clean Performance Car Wash. The 2,100-sq.-ft. format combines a state-of-the-art car wash with a convenience store in an inviting, fun environment that offers the latest in customer amenities. A design filter of “magically clean” carries through the bright, sparkling space. Rippling ceiling details and blue splash-mark insets in the flooring set off special interactive elements where kids can shoot colored suds and water at cars as they roll by in the wash tunnel.

The Timberland Co.’s commitment to environmental accountability and the outdoors is embodied in the design of the exhibit booth for its Timberland Outdoor Performance brand. The 3,000-sq.-ft. space conveys an eco-friendly message through the extensive use of repurposed industrial objects and natural and recycled materials. The outside of the booth features a 3-D “nutrition label,” a signature Outdoor Performance element, translated into a large panel with an environmental scorecard. Forty-foot-long discarded shipping containers were reclaimed and repurposed for ongoing shipping and storage of the booth, and also as the booth’s selling rooms.

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