Nebraska Book Co. teams with Daily Systems for mobile POS

Paso Robles, Calif. -- Daily Systems said Tuesday that college bookstore chain Nebraska Book Co. has implemented its iAPS payment sled for iPhone and iPod touch, which will enable NBC to sell merchandise in seasonal pop-up stores that are set up close to the dorms in the beginning of the semester.

The mobile POS solution is also used to increase check-out capacity in the regular stores during peak periods. Additionally, NBC now has the ability to accept credit card payments at off-site events such as book signings and stadium sales during football games.

The iAPS sled fits any generation of the iPhone and iPod touch and turns these into complete mobile POS terminals with an integrated magnetic stripe reader, smart card reader, bar code scanner and receipt printer – all built into one device.

During check-out the merchandise is scanned and the iAPS device has access to live inventory and pricing information. The credit card is swiped and the customer can sign for the purchase directly on the screen. The device can also handle cash, gift cards, coupons and more. Receipts are printed directly on the spot.

“We were looking for a mobile POS solution that enabled us to sell more where the students are instead of waiting for the students to come to our stores,” says Kevin Wright, VP application services, NBC. “The demand for our merchandise is very seasonal, and the iAPS solution allows us to quickly set up seasonal pop-up stores and add more check-out capacity in our traditional stores without taking up valuable floor space.”

NBC developed the touch-based mobile POS application, which has all the features of the in-store POS. The iAPS solution also handles traditional back-office tasks such as inventory management and receiving. The software is distributed via iTunes and so are software updates.

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