New Barcode Scanners From NCR

Dayton, Ohio Dayton, Ohio-based NCR is expanding its family of retail barcode scanners with the debut of the NCR RealScan 74OF and RealScan 84 units.

The RealScan 74OF bioptic scanner/ scale has a small footprint, making it ideal for compact checkout stations or seated environments. It reduces the need for users to orient merchandise packages while scanning, and it creates a scan pattern designed to capture and read all barcodes, including difficult-to-read, small and truncated barcodes.

The RealScan 84 offers omni-directional and presentation scanning for mid-size retailers. It supports scale and EAS integration, and its omni-directional scanning functionality supports space-constrained environments. A new optics package designed to increase first-pass read rates helps increase employee productivity and 

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