New book offers unique perspective on Walmart

There have been dozens of books written about Walmart, but none from the perspective of Ron Loveless. He is an Arkansas native from a small town who was hired by Walmart founder Sam Walton in 1964. His first job was that of stock boy, but he would go on to hold positions of increased responsibility in operations and merchandising and was the executive charged with opening the first Sam’s Clubs in the early 80’s. Loveless retired in 1986.

Now he has written a book, titled Walmart Inside Out, that is equal parts business book and personal memoir. According to promotional materials for the book, there has never been a book as uniquely positioned to answer the question of whether Walmart is the evil empire or low-price savior because author Ron Loveless was there from the beginning.

Loveless has been gone from the company since the mid-80’s so his name may not be as recognizable as the likes of David Glass, Don Soderquist or Lee Scott, but he was among a cadre of executives who were there early on and whose efforts drove Walmart’s meteoric growth rate in the 70’s and 80’s. The book chronicles the rise of Loveless from stock boy to senior vice president and is filled with interesting stories that offer a never-before-seen glimpse at the company’s culture during its early days.

“Walmart Inside Out gives readers a rare, behind the scenes look at the corporate giant from a uniquely balanced perspective,” according to promotional materials for the book. “By turns enlightening, entertain and endearing, Walmart Inside Out is written in an amiable, down home style  that feels like you’re sitting on the author’s porch, sharing stories and a cool drink on a gentle Arkansas night.”

The book will be available beginning in April.

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