New Energy Calculator from Juno Lighting Group

Juno Lighting Group, Des Plaines, Ill., has created the Energy Plus-Calculator to help builders and remodelers save energy and money on lighting. This new tool, a free download available at, will help customers find smart solutions when making complex decisions about construction or remodeling projects.

The Energy Plus-Calculator delivers comprehensive reports on short- and long-term energy costs, helping users consider carbon footprints. It can also be used as a business tool, to help create more effective business proposals, and get quick tax-savings calculations. When the knowledge from the calculator is applied, it can help avoid costly code violations and reduce operating costs.

Users of the calculator begin by entering specific building and project information.  The base system information that is entered should include fixture-specific data for any type of lighting fixture, ranging from project information to space or building setup. A few clicks of the mouse will produce a report that compares the base system with up to four different solutions. The options will include calculations of potential energy savings, tax benefits and an analysis of environmental impact.

Reports will be customized, taking into account building information, fixture comparisons, lighting controls, energy comparisons, HVAC factors, maintenance time, maintenance costs, the Energy Policy Act (EPAct 2005) and other factors, such as rebates and financing.

Once downloaded, the calculator is available offline. It is completely portable and accessible without an Internet connection.

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