New Exit Hardware for Glass Doors From DORMA Glas

Millersville, Md. The new DORMA Exit Hardware system from DORMA Glas, Millersville, Md., offers the safety and security of conventional push-bar exit devices in a configuration uniquely suitable for glass doors.

The device features a tubular push bar that extends across the door's midsection then curves elegantly upward or downward to connect with a latching mechanism. With applications available for full-length door rails or top and bottom patch fittings, the result is a modern, minimalist design ideal for restaurants, where aesthetics are paramount.

The DORMA Exit Hardware system includes panic hardware, deadbolts, Easi-Release electronic egress and dummy pulls. The panic hardware features a top latching bolt with manual and electric strikes (DG1000 model) or a bottom latching bolt with threshold and ramp strikes (DG1100 model). The system also includes corresponding deadbolts. The bolt action mechanism is hidden within the interior of the door handle to achieve an unobtrusive look. The Easi-Release has a manual switch in the vertical tube to activate a magnetic shear lock in the ceiling or floor.

Available finishes include stainless steel and brass, polished or satin.

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