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MicroStrategy Inc.: MicroStrategy Inc., McLean, Va., introduced the Micro-Strategy Integrity Manager, a solution that tests the accuracy of business-intelligence (BI) applications by validating data and report integrity. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager automates the report comparison process and verifies the consistency of reports as changes are made to the BI ecosystem. This process enables retailers to identify inconsistencies and

nuBridges: In an effort to help retailers protect critical and sensitive information that resides on several platforms and databases, Atlanta-based nuBridges debuted its new solution, Data Secure for z/OS. Called the first packaged application to ensure e-business security on mainframe computers, the application provides data encryption at the field and file level, thus protecting credit-card and other sensitive stored data. Using centralized key management with decentralized encryption and decryption, data is secured immediately within the distributed multi-platform enterprise. It is also encrypted and decrypted on any platform or database, allowing it to be secure, though accessible if the network goes

Qwest Communications: Qwest Communications, Denver, is offering customers that require large amounts of bandwidth easier access through its Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) over Ethernet service. Ethernet is a low-cost, scalable, easily provisioned broadband data access and transport protocol that provides customers with virtually limitless bandwidth. Customers can order Qwest DIA over Ethernet in 1 Gigabits per second (Gbps) increments. Companies can order up to 10 Gbps within key U.S. metropolitan markets. Besides enabling customers to consolidate Internet traffic and realize significant cost advantages, the service allows customers to pay only for the bandwidth they need and to increase or decrease network capacity

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