New Stop & Shop is high-tech and energy-efficient

Quincy, Mass. -- Stop & Shop Supermarket has opened a store in Andover, Mass., that offers a variety of high-tech shopping solutions, including Check It! self checkout lanes, and Scan It! hand held devices that allow customers to scan and bag groceries while they shop. Customers can also pre-order deli items at designated Order It! kiosks.

The new store is also energy-efficient, and utilizes ECM motors in the refrigerated fixtures and walk-in coolers and low-mercury, energy-efficient T5 HO fluorescent light fixtures with occupancy sensors in the storage areas and offices. Other energy-saving features include:

  • LED lights for accent lighting (also in the refrigerated display cases and interior/exterior signage);
  • An energy management system to monitor the performance of the lighting, refrigeration, and HVAC systems, and
  • Low flow fixtures in the bathrooms and prep areas to reduce water consumption.
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