New Walmart fact-checking service launched

Walmart’s opponents employed a new tactic this week by launching a repository of negativity under the auspices of The Center for Media and Democracy.

The clearly left-leaning organization bills itself as non-partisan but the tone and substance of its newly created Web resource suggests otherwise. The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) launched its new web resource on Thursday, the same day Walmart reported second quarter results and hosted its second annual U.S. Manufacturing Summit. The resource is positioned as a profile on the company with details about pay and policies, lobbying and political contributions, environmental impact and efforts in veteran hiring and domestic sourcing.

“Walmart likes to say it is committed to supporting families, communities and our economy, but the facts often tell a different story,” said CMD executive director Lisa Graves. “This new resource gives reporters and consumers the information they need to understand the true nature of Walmart’s business practices and the effect the company’s decisions have on U.S. manufacturing, workers and other aspects of our economy.”

Those comments hardly sound like the organization is committed to providing facts related to Walmart.

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