New Winn-Dixie is eco-friendly

New York City Winn-Dixie on Wednesday opened its first newly built store since 2004 -- a 55,000-sq.-ft. unit in Covington, La.

The Covington location is the first grocery store in Louisiana to receive the Environmental Protection Agency's GreenChill certification, based on its ability to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease the impact on the ozone layer and climate change.

Supermarkets that reduce their refrigerant emissions by at least 65% versus the average may receive GreenChill's store certification award. Currently, only 26 supermarkets in the entire nation have been able to qualify.

The store also showcases Winn-Dixie’s latest design concepts, which includes polished wood flooring, stained concrete flooring, and an exposed beam ceiling. At the entrance, a sleek, modern glass-front exterior overarches a covered walkway.

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