New York chef joins Sam's Club brigade

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Sam's Club announced that Dale Talde, celebrity chef and owner of Talde and the soon-to-be opened Pork Slope Restaurant, both in New York, joins the Sam's Club Simply Delicious Chef Brigade to help families serve up healthy, restaurant-quality meals in their own backyard.

This summer, Chef Talde created easy to grill, flavorful meal solutions using high quality seafood, meats and fresh, peak-season produce from Sam's Club including Shrimp Salad made right on the grill and a Korean Grilled Rib Eye with Pickled Peaches. Chef Talde's grilling recipes and demonstration video are now on the "Tips & Videos" tab along with photos and printable recipes on the "Easy Recipes" tab.

"The summer months are ripe with nutrient-packed ingredients plucked at their peak of freshness," said Talde. "The warm weather provides the perfect opportunity to pair your favorite meats with marinades inspired by seasonal fruits. From cherries and peaches to nectarines and pluots, the first-rate stone fruit available at Sam's Club adds a healthy kick of sweetness to salads, sauces and desserts."

"Summer at Sam's Club means our aisles are stocked with fresh, seasonal ingredients to inspire Members throughout grilling season," said Shawn Baldwin, senior vice president of fresh/freezer/cooler and demos at Sam's Club. "Our members gather at the grill more than ever in the summer and we want to provide healthy meal solutions that honor our 200% guarantee*. From peak-season cherries and stone fruit to butcher-cut steaks and sweet corn, Sam's Club provides simply delicious ideas for every grilling occasion."

Now in its second year, the Sam's Club Simply Delicious Chef Brigade features nationally renowned restaurant and pastry chefs who create simple, flavorful meal ideas and show families that cooking at home with can be just as delicious as dining out.

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