Nordstrom to Offer Recyclable Bags, Boxes

Seattle Nordstrom Inc. said Friday it will start offering recyclable shopping bags and gift boxes as well as a reusable shopping tote bag to customers this year.

The company will sell the linen tote bag for $21.95, starting on Saturday in West Coast markets. It will expand the product across the country throughout the year.

The retailer said its paper shopping bags will have new cotton handles that are recyclable, whereas its existing propylene handles are not. The new bags will roll out from April through September as its existing bag supply runs out.

Nordstrom will also launch recyclable gift boxes made from 100% recycled paper stock. Post-consumer waste will make up 30% of the new boxes. Silver foil on Nordstrom's existing boxes will be replaced with recyclable matte silver ink to make them fully recyclable.

Nordstrom will start rolling out those boxes in October and November as its existing supply runs out.

Many retailers have launched such "green" products and initiatives over the past few years as consumers have become more concerned about the environment.

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