Nordstrom to roll out mobile checkout devices company-wide

New York City -- Nordstrom is taking its vaunted customer service to the next level: The company will roll out mobile checkout devices to its stores nationwide by the start of its anniversary sale in July, Nordstrom president Blake Nordstrom told shareholders Wednesday at the company's annual meeting in Seattle. The retailer, which has tried a variety of different devices, is currently testing the iPod Touch in its downtown Seattle and Bellevue Square stores.

Nordstrom sales associates will use the Internet-connected devices to search for merchandise and complete credit-card transactions. Approximately 5,000 mobile checkout devices will be rolled out to the stores.

In other news, Nordstrom hinted that the company is looking to improve its already fast-growing e-commerce business, according to the Seattle Times. He noted that Nordstrom has more than $1 billion in cash and can invest in new technology.

"We're not trying to be Amazon, but I think there are learnings there," he said, and added that he hopes 2011 will be the year Nordstrom "got behind what it took to be best of class online."

Nordstrom is stepping up its efforts to expand beyond the United States, the report said, and is specifically looking in Canada.

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