NPD: Kids want electronics and parents are buying

PORT WASHINGTON — Consumer electronics are growing increasingly popular with children, as indicated by NPD's latest survey, which revealed that in the past year 78% of portable video game systems purchased, and 56% of portable digital media players (PDMP) purchased were given to the child. 

For households with kids ages 4 to 14, newer devices such as e-readers and media tablets were acquired at single-digit rates (8% and 5%, respectively) in the past year, slowly driving up the number of homes where kids have access to these devices. 

The report also notes a slight decline in the average number of days in which kids use cell phones, PDMPs and portable video game systems since last year. For all other devices, the average number of days kids are using them has remained stable or declined, suggesting kids are maxed out on time.

“In terms of kids’ usage of new devices, one consideration to keep in mind is the fact that the novelty of these new devices may be leading kids to a shorter-term change in behavior,” said Anita Frazier, industry analyst, The NPD Group. “Kids who have access to a media tablet may temporarily put down their portable video game system but not necessarily move away from the gaming system altogether.”

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