NRF: St. Patrick’s Day spending to grow to $4.7 billion

Washington, D.C. -- A report released Tuesday by the National Retail Federation said that spending for St. Patrick’s Day is expected to grow to $4.7 billion, as celebrants invest an average of $35.27 on green attire, St. Patrick’s Day décor and holiday food and drink.

According to NRF’s St. Patrick’s Day Spending Survey conducted by BIGinsight, 84.2% of consumers will celebrate by wearing green. An additional 23.3% will decorate their home or office, and 34.6% will make a special dinner.

According to the survey, 19.5% of those who plan to celebrate this year will attend a private party, and 27.4% will attend a party at a bar or restaurant.

Young adults ages 18-24 may be the age group planning the most celebrations (77.3%), but 35-44 year olds will be the ones spending the most at an average of $41.68; close behind are adults 25-34 who will spend an average of $41.58.


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