NY to Sue CVS and Rite Aid

Albany, N.Y. Monday’s announcement that New Jersey and Rite Aid had reached a settlement on claims that Rite Aid sold expired goods has now been updated on Tuesday with news from New York that it, too, will sue not only Rite Aid but CVS for selling expired food, medicine and baby formula.

The office of N.Y. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo reported earlier this month that the national pharmacy chains were selling expired products.

Investigators later returned and bought expired goods in 39% of CVS stores and 22% of Rite Aid stores statewide. Across New York City, 50% of CVS stores and 40% of Rite Aid stores were still selling outdated goods.

Rite Aid Corp. agreed Monday to pay New Jersey up to $650,000 to settle a suit similar to the one Cuomo announced Tuesday.

CVS spokesman Mike DeAngelis said the company is removing expired products.

“The findings are unacceptable, and we will immediately retrain those stores on our procedures,” said Cheryl Slavinsky, a Rite Aid spokeswoman.

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