O’Neill uses solution to free up credit in supply chain

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Santa Cruz, Calif. By adding a new platform that standardizes the workflow of supplier-related processes from purchase orders through settlement, O’Neill will gain better visibility into available capital and eliminate payment delays.

Surf-and-snow apparel retailer and manufacturer O’Neill is implementing the TradeCard Platform. Besides being a central repository of data, the Web-based solution also tracks tasks and exceptions across procure-to-pay processes. O’Neill will use the solution to collaborate with, and provide technical support to, its supplier base.

“Financial services on the platform are a competitive advantage that will allow us and our suppliers to reduce the pressure many companies are feeling in today’s credit crisis,” said Hendrik-Jan Muis, operations director, O’Neill.

The chain expects to better monitor its payments, and access capital earlier in the order process, which will result in lower costs and reduced risk.

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