Oasis, Leeds, United Kingdom

British fashion retailer Oasis lets the permanent architecture do the talking at its store in Leeds, U.K. Designed as a model for international expansion, the 2, 238-sq.-ft. space was developed for ease of installation, flexibility and efficient detailing. The walls and ceiling were constructed away from the structural shell giving a fun stage-set feel while allowing elements to become standardized with less site-specific variables. The interior has the aesthetic of a Georgian house executed in a contemporary manner. (Oasis was designed by Dalziel+Pow, London.)

The theme is evident in the fitting rooms. Traditional Georgian paneling has been given an Oasis twist, with fuchsia pink lampshade illustrations and a painted light beam that washes across the paneling. This illustration style is used throughout the store to offer customers something unexpected; a window scene looking out over gardens features an inquisitive cat, while an illustrated grandfather clock with a working face is hidden in a merchandise display.

The eye-catching exterior embodies the essence of the scheme. The shop front features a photographic illustration of a Georgian house, which represents the ‘House of Oasis’ concept. The illustration takes the traditional elements of a house and adds a twist with the addition of a fuchsia pink gradient washing down the glazing to create a fresh and modern façade.

Design: Dalziel + Pow, London

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