OfficeMax awards concert tickets to exemplary Chicago students

NAPERVILLE, Ill. OfficeMax announced that it is giving away 1,000 to the Jonas Brothers Concert of which it is a sponsor.

The 1,000 tickets will be distributed by the Chicago Public Schools to children at five multi-track, or year-round, schools, the company reported.  According to the company, students who have good grades, attendance and leadership skilly will each receive three tickets to the concert. In exchange for the concert tickets, the Chicago Public Schools will ask the students to pledge to continue to earn good grades, attend classes and demonstrate good citizenship and leadership skills.

"We are pleased that OfficeMax has partnered with Chicago Public Schools to encourage attendance, academic discipline and leadership. CPS and OfficeMax are committed to the notion that students should be in school every day to grow and achieve. This incentive is a welcome way of demonstrating to students in our multi-track schools -- many of whom have already been in school for a month -- that we recognize and appreciate their hard work and commitment," said Barbara Lumpkin, deputy CEO of external affairs and partnership.

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