Old Navy closing in on 300th remodel; new design driving higher customer transaction

San Francisco -- Old Navy will complete its 300th remodeled store in mid-July as it continues to overhaul its entire chain. The design has a racetrack layout and features improved visual merchandising with light wood and white shelving, walls and backdrops that spotlight the core Old Navy product categories. For more photos, click here.

“With almost a third of our fleet remodeled, we are well on our way to completing our vision of transforming Old Navy into what our customers want more of – a fun, convenient shopping experience that showcases our compelling products, all at great prices,” said Tom Wyatt, president of Old Navy. “These store designs more boldly reflect our personality; more clearly delineate our product categories and consistently outperform the rest of our fleet in sales, with higher customer experience scores in each new community driving her to spend $1-$2 extra per store visit.”

Other updated store features include moving the dressing rooms to center of store from the back, and closer to the cash wrap for more energy, ‘quick fit pods;’ additional associates for the fitting rooms and greeters during peak hours. The new stores also have an interactive play area for kids.

Old Navy integrated sustainable practices and features into each design, including low-wattage fluorescent lighting, low VOC paints, low water consumption plumbing fixtures, and recycled materials. The brand is also piloting a construction waste program to divert waste from landfills this year, with plans for this to be standard in most stores by 2012. To date, Old Navy has saved around $2 million a year by implementing low wattage fluorescent lighting in all remodeled stores.

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