Old Navy, Fort Worth

Old Navy’s updated format is showcased in its new store in Fort Worth, Texas (it is also the first LEED-certified location in the chain’s portfolio). The design is clean and modern, with a colorful palette and a fun, upbeat ambience. A raceway layout and key destination areas make for easy navigation, as do the clear sightlines throughout the space.

The centralized fitting rooms, located in the core of the store, are accessible from every department. “Quick change” pods located in the mens and kids areas, allow shoppers to quickly try on a single item. A kid-friendly area features an interactive video game projected onto the floor.

Old Navy launched its new look in 2009, and by the end of 2010, about 250 stores in the United States and Canada had been converted to the format. The retailer plans to convert additional locations throughout 2011.

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