Online petition asks Victoria's Secret to find right fit for survivors

NEW YORK — A breast cancer survivor and her daughter have used the Internet to draw attention to an important issue and potentially create a new category of lingerie.

Debbie Barrett ad Allana Maiden hand-delivered more than 118,000 petition signatures to Victoria's Secret's New York office on Thursday, asking the lingerie giant to make a line of "survivor" mastectomy bras to help breast cancer survivors feel beautiful again.

After delivering the signatures, Allana Maiden and her mother Debbie Barrett met with Tammy Roberts Myers, VP external communications for Limited Brands, Victoria's Secret's parent company, to share their ideas for a “survivor bra.” Myers then invited the mother and daughter to travel to the Ohio headquarters of Limited Brands for further discussions.

 “If there’s anything I could tell the 118,000 people who’ve signed my petition right now, it’s that Victoria’s Secret is taking very seriously the comments from survivors and their families and friends who want to see ‘Survivor Bras’ in their stores,” said Maiden, after leaving the meeting.  “I know their heart is in the right place and they want to do the right thing. Making this bra line would be a win for Victoria’s Secret and a win for survivors -- there’s no downside. I think they see that now.”

Maiden started her campaign asking Victoria’s Secret for a “survivor line” of mastectomy bras after years of watching her mom, a breast cancer survivor, struggle to find bras that were pretty, affordable, and a comfortable fit for her new shape. 




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