Online retailer debuts with astrological bent; physical store in works

Albuquerque, N.M. -- Consumers can shop for clothes categorized by astrological signs at the newly launched, described as the world's first online store to organize its clothing and accessories by the 12 signs of the zodiac. The company expects to open a store early next year, in Denver.

To shop for clothes on the site, customers consult their astrological sign, which helps them find the items that best match their personalities. Each collection of clothing in the store exhibits a certain style – which includes particular colors, embellishments, and accessories — inspired by the preferred fashions of each sign.

"Zodiac fashion sense is not a fashion trend or something that will go out of style, deep rooted fashion senses based on astrological characteristics have always been present,” said co-founder Eric Morales. “Prior to the mid 1900's, fashion was somewhat suppressed by sociological boundaries, manufacturing capabilities and cultural differences throughout much of the world. Only in the last 20 years, has astrological fashion really started to blossom as women freely express their inner fashion senses."

The new site features dresses, blazers, leggings, lingerie, shoes, and swimwear — all categorized by astrological signs. The company plans to expand the assortment to include men's, kids', and plus sizes.

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