Orvis selects Comosoft for multichannel media production

Frisco, Texas -- Multichannel media production software developer Comosoft said Tuesday that Orvis has selected it to begin implementation of a system to manage Orvis’s multichannel media production process.

The outdoor retailer is currently currently implementing Comosoft's multichannel media production system, LAGO, which is designed to drive the planning, creation, and management of multichannel marketing and product promotion.

"We realize the need to consolidate our print and digital production workflow into a single content management system," said Meg Kearton, director of catalog production for Orvis. “We are searching for a more efficient way to promote our products through all of our print and digital channels. This is why we are implementing the LAGO system from Comosoft."

Comosoft said its goal is to develop, a single, fully integrated content management system for Orvis that gives the retailer the freedom to create content more quickly and with greater efficiency for all media channels.


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