Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles drive into digital space

MADISON, Wis. — The Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles, the country’s longest-running mobile marketing campaign, are trying out a different type of mobile space with the brand’s launch of its first-ever Wienermobile Run program.

Oscar Mayer is leveraging social media to engage existing and would-be fans. First, the brand is encouraging people to visit WienermobileRun.com, where they can join their favorite Wienermobile team. Those who do will receive a team bumper sticker while supplies last, and help their team earn points. 

Fans can then communicate with the drivers, called Hotdoggers, via social media and let them know where and how they'd like to see the Wienermobile this summer. To differentiate the six vehicles each Wienermobile has been given a unique team name and persona using hashtags #HellOnBuns, #SpeedyWiener, #Autobuhn, #DriftDog, #BornToBun and #Bunderstruck. 

"The Wienermobile Run is the latest example of how the Oscar Mayer brand is continuing to evolve," said Ed Roland, senior experiential and scale marketing manager of Oscar Mayer. "This new program gives fans unparalleled access to the Wienermobile by allowing them to talk directly to Hotdoggers on social media and help determine where they will go this summer. It also gives everyone a stake in the game by supplying them with real ways to help their team earn points and get rewarded themselves."

Wienermobile teams can also earn points when fans share photos of the Wienermobile vehicles on Twitter and Instagram with the appropriate team hashtag, when fans submit team challenges such as light-hearted pranks and competitions on WienermobileRun.com, when Hotdoggers get photos with famous landmarks or people and when Hotdoggers fulfill "Wienermobile Dreams" such as taking a bride and groom to their wedding in style. 

When the program wraps up on the last day of summer, the team with the most points will be declared the Wienermobile Run Champion, and fans who have pledged support for the team online will receive a free specially designed T-shirt from rising Boston designer Josh LaFayette while supplies last, as well as a chance to win a visit from the winning Wienermobile.

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