OurPet's president announces exit

FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio — OurPet's president John M. Silvestri has resigned citing personal reasons and will leave the company after July 5. Silvestri has been with the leading proprietary pet supply company since Feb. 12, 2012. 

"John's departure is voluntary and without any disputes,” said chairman and CEO Dr. Steven Tsengas. “We will miss John as he brought many best practices to our company that are facilitating our growth and development. We wish him the best of everything in wherever his future takes him." 

Tsengas will resume the office and functions of the presidency, which he held prior to Silvestri's hiring. Tim Viancourt, formerly VP sales at Bil-Jac Pet prior to joining OurPet's in 2011, will continue as VP of global sales, while Gabriella DeSantis, formerly marketing director at United Pet Group, will continue as senior director of marketing. Both will report directly to Tsengas.

OurPet's Company designs, produces and markets a broad line of accessory and consumable pet products in the U.S. and overseas. OurPet's Websites include: www.smartscoop.com, www.ecopurenaturals.com, www.playnsqueak.com, www.flappydogtoys.com, www.clipnosis.com and www.cosmiccatnip.com.

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