Overstock.com launches multichannel fulfillment services

Overstock.com is looking to improve its supply chain, and to that end the company has launched Supplier Oasis Fulfillment Services, a wholly owned subsidiary that provides multichannel fulfillment services.

"The launch of Supplier Oasis Fulfillment Services reflects our dedication to stripping costs from the supply chain,” said CEO Patrick M. Byrne. “Our warehouses, expertise, reporting, and dedication to cost-savings are now available to sellers, suppliers, and partners. Starting today, all of those businesses can optimize their operations across all sales channels."

Suppliers currently have access to warehouse space in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Jonestown, Pa.

"Supplier Oasis offers a single integration point through which partners can manage their products, inventory and sales channels, while tapping into a world-class distribution network," added Byrne, "These benefits translate into a substantial advantage in this highly competitive marketplace."



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