Partnership brings cloud-based solutions to retailers

NEW YORK — Yomari and Predictix will join forces to deliver merchandising and analytics solutions to large and midsize retailers.

Yomari is a leading independent professional services company focused exclusively on analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing for the consumer value chain. Its customers include Dressbarn, Gander Mountain, Petco, REI and Williams-Sonoma.

Predictix developed the Predictix Adaptive Platform for Intelligent Decisions, which enables omni-channel retailers to make customer-centric merchandising decisions that ensure product availability, increase customer satisfaction and reduce the instances of costly markdowns. Retailers require a unified view of the enterprise, and the Predictix Platform relies on retail data that cuts across a range of “siloed” operational applications. Yomari’s experience in sourcing data from across the retail enterprise lends itself to Predictix’s merchandising solutions tool.

“The Predictix cloud-based solutions enables us to bridge the gap between analytic and operational applications, all in the cloud, resulting in greater efficiency and profits for our joint retail clients,” said Rupesh Pradhan, CEO at Yomari. “We’re taking the insights that are usually trapped inside a static report and weaving them directly into the decision flow of the retailer’s merchandising applications.”

“The world of analytics and operational tasks must converge. Together, Predictix and Yomari are making it happen,” said John Moffitt, EVP business development, Predictix. “Yomari’s experience in extracting and integrating key data elements from retailers' ERP applications makes them a perfect fit as an implementation partner for the Predictix solutions."


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