Patriot Outfitters aligns channel strategy & tactics with NetSuite

Topeka, Kan. -- Popular industry wisdom holds that channel alignment is mainly for the benefit of the consumer, who desires a seamless retail experience and does not want have to start from scratch every time they engage with a retailer via a new channel. While this holds true, channel alignment is also a crucial strategic and tactical necessity for back-end operations.

Take the example of Patriot Outfitters, a multichannel retailer of tactical military equipment that operates in both the B2C and B2B verticals with 23 stores as well as two e-commerce sites and a call center. To keep everything running with military precision, Patriot Outfitters uses unified NetSuite Retail Anyhwere POS, SuiteCommerce and CRM solutions. As a result, Patriot Outfitters is able to simultaneously publish content to both sites, as well as obtain a real-time, cross-channel view of sales, inventory and customers which aids customer service, demand planning and general operational efficiency.

“It's a strategic initiative for us to have our entire core data consolidated in one location," said Pete Isermann, owner of Patriots Outfitters. “Many channels, one set of consistent data. It’s how the multichannel retailing battle is won.”


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