PayPal launches global branding campaign, new logo

San Jose – PayPal is rebranding itself in an effort designed to create a cohesive look and feel across the brand. The program includes a new logo and an omni-channel campaign called “powering the people economy.”

“Our new brand identity goes far beyond an updated logo,” said David Marcus  Marcus, PayPal’s president. “We have aligned this with our first global brand campaign. We’re setting a new expectation with our global consumers, developers and merchants: PayPal is redefining the future of money by putting people first. After all, money doesn't make the world go round, people do.”
PayPay’s new logo is simple but vibrant, designed to suit mobile phones and wearable devices.

“PayPal is an iconic brand with equity well beyond its logo treatment,” said Yves Behar, founder and CEO, fuseproject, which developed the logo. “PayPal is innovative and dynamic, and people interact with it as they do with a consumer-focused brand. The new logo reflects the notion of a pioneer, and will prepare PayPal to lead the industry as the intuitive way to transact on all devices in a non-techy fashion.”

The new identity will be applied globally, online and to all of PayPal’s core applications, including checkout buttons, apps, PayPal Here devices, marketing materials and sales collateral. It also will appear in PayPal’s new global branding campaign, which includes the company’s first-ever television ads in the United States, along with spots in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Australia.  The campaign will last throughout the summer and into fall 2014.

“Rather than describe simple benefits, we focused on the perspective of what does PayPal do for people as a whole – how the brand is challenging and changing the status quo. Powering The People Economy came as a natural extension of that thought,” said Matt Weiss, global chief marketing officer for Havas Worldwide.

The campaign will be arranged in chapters, with each chapter concluding with a prompt to either download the PayPal app or sign up for free.


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