PayWith launches mobile payment solution

Vancouver, Canada -- PayWith Inc. has launched a new smartphone app called the mCard that simply and securely enables in-store transactions with mobile devices. PayWith has signed a North American license agreement with a global payment network that allows PayWith to provide merchants and consumers with a secure and convenient smartphone-based payment, loyalty rewards, and commission sales solution.

With this license agreement, millions of merchants in North America who are able to process credit cards can choose to accept mCards and engage with their customers using the PayWith platform. PayWith's suite of services includes mobile payment, loyalty rewards programs, customer acquisition campaigns, mobile gift cards, a range of social media marketing, fund-raising for non-profits and associations, as well as customer tracking and analytics for merchants. PayWith does not share data relating to the consumer's purchase of a mCard with any third party.

"The mCard is a really simple way for shoppers to securely purchase goods and services using nothing more than their phone,” said PayWith CEO David Strebinger.” Merchants who sign up to use this PayWith technology will be able to offer a convenient and secure mobile payment platform and open a new door to marketing directly to their customers — with no new hardware or software required.”

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