Pet specialty items lands on Target shelves

The Eco-Me brand of unique dog grooming products is the newest arrival to the pet department at Target.

The brand said it secured placement in 450 Target stores for its line of all-natural pet cleaning and grooming products that are Ph-balanced specifically for pets.

“No longer a hard-to-find specialty item, all-natural at home pet grooming saves money and keeps pets safe and healthy,” according to the company. “Today, dogs are considered family members; kids and adults alike spend more time with their pets than ever. Being healthy is more than a trend; it's a family matter, and Eco-Me's natural pet grooming products give consumers the very best products for their favorite furry pals.”

The brand uses only plant-based ingredients and pet-safe essential oils. Clinically tested and veterinarian approved, Eco-Me is made in the United States and is a partner with PETA.

The addition of Eco-Me follows last month’s major merchandising initiative called The Shops at Target that saw the company devote a full endcap in the pet department to products from the pet specialty store Polka Dot Bakery.


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