PetSmart expands its Pop-Up Park (P.U.P.) program

PetSmart has partnered with the City of Sacramento to bring a portable, popup dog park to Sacramento. The dog park, which provides more than 9,000 sq. ft. of space for pet owners and their pets, is now open.

There are currently two other PetSmart P.U.P.s in the country: one in Phoenix, Arizona, and a second in downtown Detroit (Detroit’s first urban dog park). In addition, PetSmart plans to bring a P.U.P. to one more community by the end of 2014.

This newest park, officially called the PetSmart P.U.P. Small Dog Park, is located at 1900 University Ave. in Sacramento, California.

"At PetSmart, we believe in enriching people’s lives through the power of pets, and this is centered on giving back to the communities where we all live and work,” said David Lenhardt, president and CEO of PetSmart. “The PetSmart P.U.P. will provide the pet parents of Sacramento with a place to let their pets run and play while improving the community.”

PetSmart’s P.U.P. is a shipping container that contains everything that is needed for a temporary dog park, including 340 feet of fencing, three Oops clean-up Stations, three moveable benches and lighting on and inside the container. The shipping container serves as the park’s point of entry and exit. PetSmart provided all of the equipment required to set-up the park, and City of Sacramento will maintain it.

“PetSmart’s innovative P.U.P. gives Sacramento pet parents a place to play with their dogs and build a stronger community,” said Kevin Johnson, Mayor of the City of Sacramento. "The City of Sacramento is a great place to live and the good work PetSmart has done with the City is another example of how we can truly meet our residents’ needs. We are excited for this park and look forward to our residents using it for years to come.”

PetSmart’s P.U.P. is one of several national programs PetSmart runs under its community relations program, PetSmart Gives Back.


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