Phelps Give Boost to Chico’s

New York City Chico’s FAS is receiving a shot of publicity from an unlikely source: Olympic phenomenon Michael Phelps.

The swimmer’s mother, middle-school principal Debbie Phelps, was seen wearing clothing from Chico’s throughout the Games and on TV talk shows upon her return from Beijing, giving the chain plenty of free exposure on television, in print and online.

Chico’s has been swamped with consumers looking to buy the fashions worn by the 57-year-old Phelps, according to USA Today, and the company is reported to be close to setting up a partnership with her.

Chico’s Web site already features a photo of Phelps, with a link to a page entitled “The Debbie Phelps Collection” that displays some of the clothing and accessories she wore in China.

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