Photography group names Sony exec board advisor

Mike Kahn, director of Alpha Camera Systems for Sony Electronics was named special advisor to the board of PMA, the Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations.

The move is long overdue for an 86 year old organization focused on serving the needs of the imaging industry as Kahn’s appointment marks the first time a manufacturer representative was named to a PMA executive committee.

In his new role, the 16 year Sony veteran will take part in bi-monthly calls and face-to-face meetings with the PMA executive committee to represent photo and imaging manufacturers, according to PMA.

"Appointing Mike to this role is another way PMA is fulfilling its new mission statement, which is to promote the growth of the imaging industry," said PMA president Allen Showalter. "PMA is actively seeking new avenues to provide the support and opportunities needed to help the imaging industry thrive and grow now, and in the future. The voices of photo and imaging manufacturers are critically important to achieving this goal and PMA is listening to them. We are excited to be working with Mike to make a direct connection between the PMA board and photo manufacturers."

In addition to his role at Sony, Kahn is vp of the Photoimaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PDMA) and serves on the board of the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) Digital Imaging Group.

As director of the Alpha Camera Systems division at Sony, Kahn is responsible for all aspects of the business unit, including sales, marketing, and product development for the U.S. marketplace.

"I am thrilled to join the PMA Board and supply a needed point of view from the photo and imaging manufacturers," Kahn said. "I am looking forward to helping the PMA board expand imaging sales across all channels."



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