Planalytics: Frigid temps and snow to up demand for winter goods

Berwyn, Penn. -- Retailers are likely to experience high demand for winter goods during the upcoming week. Beginning this weekend and carrying through next week, virtually all of North America should prepare for below normal temperatures, according to Planalytics. Most locations east of the Rockies can expect temperatures to trend 10°F to 20°F colder than both normal and last year, with the main exception being the Southwest where temperatures will trend normal to slightly above normal. New York City and other Northeast locations will experience light to moderate snowfall over the next few days into this weekend.

The arctic outbreak will be welcome news for those looking to clear remaining inventory of cold weather items such as heaters, electric blankets, sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves, Planalytics noted. Consumables such as soup and hot chocolate will also be in high demand.

In addition to the frigid temperatures, weather models are showing the potential for a traffic-limiting event early next week along the southern tier, and the possibility of yet more snow in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. Locations in the extreme southern tier are likely to experience cold rain; locales north of Dallas to Atlanta could see ice/snow early next week. Portions of the mid-south and Tennessee Valley (e.g. Nashville) may experience more snow than ice. Businesses should be prepared for increased demand of items such as ice melt, scrapers, and windshield fluid in advance of this event, Planalytics advised.

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