Planalytics issues post-Christmas weather outlook

Berwyn, Pa. -- Planalytics has issued its weather outlook for the all-important days after Christmas when many consumers head to the stores to redeem gift cards and exchange presents. Here’s how the firm sees the forecast shaping up for the Northeast and South:

In the heavily populated northeast, the Planalytics team expects wintry weather from late Sunday December 26 through Tuesday December 28. The heaviest snow is likely going to occur from Providence, Boston and points north into Maine and the Canadian Maritimes. New York City and Philadelphia can expect light to moderate snowfall amounts beginning on the day after Christmas. Any snowfall should drive demand for need-based products such as snow throwers, ice melt, shovels, and wiper fluid, according to Planalytics.

Further south from Baltimore through Virginia and towards Atlanta, snowfall amounts will be lower, and there is an increased likelihood of a wintry mix. Still, businesses in the Southeast should be prepared for need based purchasing of winter items as the “threat of snow” in these locations often spur consumers to make purchases. Based on current model guidance, the exception to this is in Coastal Virginia and North Carolina where Planalytics expects locally heavy snow (and strong demand for snow removal products) in some markets such as Norfolk, Va.

Areas in the Southern tier (Dallas, New Orleans, and Tampa) can expect rain late week through Christmas and into early next week.

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