PlayNetwork to provide music to Levi’s in 1,500 stores worldwide

Seattle -- PlayNetwork, a leader in branded entertainment media experiences, announced it is providing music programming and installing state-of-the-art media systems for the Levi's brand in 1,500 stores around the globe, including all U.S. locations.

"The songs we chose for Levi's embody the brand's pioneering spirit and push its rich cultural heritage even further," said Spencer Manio, PlayNetwork's lead senior music supervisor for Levi's. "The music you'll hear ranges from 1940s blues to 1990s garage bands to up-and-coming artists, but each song was specifically chosen to create an emotional connection between Levi's and its fans."

Levi's has a long-standing reputation for aligning itself with progressive artists, ideas, and cultural movements.  The company has also used music in their marketing and advertising strategy to connect with people in new and surprising ways.

To develop a new program that continues that legacy, PlayNetwork immersed itself in the Levi's brand, decoding all aesthetic facets from design, texture, lighting, decor, energy, color, and overall experience of the retail stores. This process, paired with PlayNetwork's music industry knowledge and relationships with leading media labels, helped create a program that is already resonating with customers.

“I've heard people say that they can't leave the store yet because they're waiting to hear what song will play next," said Chad Hinson, senior director of global brand creative at Levi's. "Together, the Levi's Global Brand Environment team and PlayNetwork have created music programs that are hopefully turning people on to new music, as well as re-familiarizing them with timeless classics."

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