Pop star no longer 'ga ga' for Target

NEW YORK — In what appears to be a case of back-pedaling to alleviate concerns of her devoted fanbase, Lady Gaga's deal to sell a special edition of her upcoming album at Target is off.

The pop star (or at least the folks behind the pop star) had agreed to a deal with Target that involved an exclusive version of her new album "Born This Way," which would include three additional studio songs and five remixes, and will be available at stores nationwide and on Target.com. The album is to be released May 23, but Target customers were able to pre-order it last month.

Then Wednesday, a representative for the flamboyant and outspoken singer said the two sides "came to a mutual decision to end their overall exclusive partnership a few weeks ago." 

But gay advocates were concerned about the partnership, citing Target's donations during the last election season to a political candidate who was against gay marriage, according to the Associated Press.

The Advocate reported Tuesday that Gaga wasn't comfortable with the deal and ended it.

Either Lady Gaga doesn't follow the news, and really wasn't aware of Target's widely talked about political contributions, or she is like many other entertainers looking to make money and wasn't thinking about the backlash from her decision. Considering many of her fans are gay, and might not support her partnership with Target, from a business stand point, the deal made little sense in the first place.

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