Posiflex released three new touchscreen POS terminals

Hayward, Calif. -- Posiflex has released three new POS terminals with projected capacitive flat, multi-touch, bezel-free touch screens as a standard feature, at no extra cost. The XT5315 is a high-performance touchscreen terminal with a choice of three CPUs, capable of running demanding resource-intensive applications.

The XT4015 touch terminal, previously with resistive touch, is now shipping with projected capacitive screens making multi-touch features now affordable. The HS2310, is an ultra-small all-in-one terminal with an integrated printer and MSR and is ideal where counter space is at a premium.  

A 15 inch projected capacitive touch screen is a standard feature for the XT4015 / XT5315.  The advantages of having projected capacitive touch include: 10-point multi-touch capability, a bezel-free 100% flat surface for a clean sleek appearance, a scratch-resistant surface to withstand the harshest environments, and works with gloves for maximum input flexibility. The mid-performance XT4015 and the high performance XT5315 have a collapsible folding base configurable for maximum viewing flexibility and reduced shipping costs.

Shipping soon, the high performance 15-inch XT5315 with projected capacitive touchscreen has a choice of three embedded Intel processors (Haswell) to choose from: Celeron G1820 (2.70 GHz), Core i3 4330TE (2.40 GHz), or Core i5 4570TE (3.30 GHz) supporting up to 16 GB of RAM.  Operating system options include Windows Embedded POS Ready 7, Windows 7 Professional and Windows Embedded 8.1. As the XT5315 uses embedded CPU and operating systems, long term support and availability by Intel and Microsoft are assured, critical for long term store rollouts. The XT5315 also has an optional powered USB upgrade kit with (1) 24V USB 2.0 port, and (3) 12V USB 2.0 ports for additional peripherals, eliminating power brick and cable clutter.   

Available now, the mid-range performance XT4015 with a 15 inch projected capacitive touch screen that has three Intel processors (Haswell) to choose from: the Celeron G540 2.5 GHz, Core i3-3220 3.3GHz, or the Core i5-3550 3.7 GHz supporting up to 16GB of RAM.

The HS2310 All-in-One solution, shipping soon, allows every inch of counter space to be used. With a footprint of a standard receipt printer, this 10” projected capacitive touch screen terminal comes integrated with a three-inch thermal printer, magnetic stripe reader, WiFi and optional secondary customer displays. The HS2310 runs the same software image as the Posiflex XT3215 and KS7215 touchscreen terminals. This means there is instantly a wide suite of applications that are seamlessly compatible, including self-service kiosk or POS systems for small and medium-sized hospitality, retail or convenience stores.


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