President-elect hurting traffic at some major retail flagships

Street closings and protests related to the election of Donald Trump are severely impacting retail traffic on the priciest retail corridor in the world.

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- 7:03 AM

Don't blame the president-elect in the headlines. Blame the protestors!

- 8:16 AM
Exude Fashion says

Protestors are causing the problems Einstein.

- 10:11 AM
cranbeRRy6945 says

It is the protesters that are severely impacting retail traffic. Trump is not at these retail locations.

- 3:18 PM
lucke27 says

The president elect did not impede traffic. The imbeciles who can't accept the results of the election impeded traffic.

- 3:57 PM
cranbeRRy6945 says

It is the protesters that are hurting and severely impacting retail traffic not Trump. Trump is busy taking care of business.

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