Prudsys updates personalization tool

Chemnitz, Germany – Data analysis technology vendor Prudsys AG is updating features of its Prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (RDE), which allows businesses to individually address customers with personalized content and recommendations. This applies to every channel and device, both online and directly at the point of sale.

Personalized contents and dynamic prices are generated in real time on the basis of user behavior, Prudsys RDE continuously interacts with the shopper/user, records their response to the contents and relates this to the behavior of all the other users, and optimizes it to achieve high quality recommendations.

One of the new features is the completely personalized online shop. In addition to individual product recommendations by the RDE, the search function can now also generate personalized results lists, calculated in real time based on the user's click pattern. The Prudsys RDE scoring module additionally individualizes the whole design of the shop and optimizes the displayed design.


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