Publix tops in customer service

WABAN, Mass. — Publix earned top marks for customer service in a new survey by Temkin Group. The firm rated the customer experience of 206 large companies across 18 industries. 

In the grocery industry, Publix earned the top spot and is the second overall company across all 206 companies in the study. Aldi, H.E.B., and Winn-Dixie also scored very well. These four grocery chains received "excellent" customer experience ratings, a level that was only earned by eight companies across all 18 industries, Temkin Group reported.

The overall grocery industry earned the top spot out of 18 industries, slightly higher than fast food chains and retailers but well ahead of other industries. The majority of the grocery chains earned "good" ratings. Piggly Wiggly, which is the lowest scoring grocery chain, earned an "OK" rating.

"Grocery chains are doing a good job of meeting their customers' needs," states Bruce Temkin, author of the report and Managing Partner of Temkin Group.

  • The Temkin Experience Ratings evaluates three dimensions of customer experience:

  • Accessible: How easy is it for consumers to do what they are trying to do?

  • Emotional: How do consumers feel about their interactions with companies?

  • Functional: Does the company meet consumers' needs?

Click here to access the full report.


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