RadioShack Renegotiates HQ Lease

Fort Worth, Texas RadioShack Corp. has agreed to assign its headquarters lease with its former landlord KanAm Grun to the new property owner, Tarrant County College District (TCC).

As part of the renegotiated lease agreement with TCC, RadioShack will remain in the approximately 400,000 sq. ft. it currently occupies with its headquarters staff through June 2011 with an option to remain in a portion of the complex through June 2013.

By agreeing to assign its lease, RadioShack helped facilitate the acquisition of the approximately 900,000-sq.-ft., 18.7-acre downtown Fort Worth complex by TCC from the German real estate investment company.

TCC is also acquiring the surrounding land owned by RadioShack, as well as the RadioShack retail store connected to the complex.

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