Raley’s enhances e-commerce efforts with Aisle50

Sacramento, Calif. -- Raley's is teaming up Aisle50, a web portal that delivers deep grocery discounts on major and local brands to consumers. The move gives Raley’s an even larger foothold in e-commerce, buttressing its revamped website with content, including grocery subscription offers from Aisle50.

Aisle50 announced the partnership with the California-based chain, which will offer it at all its 120 Raley's Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods locations. Aisle50 works by allowing customers to purchase items online and then pick them up in the store, receiving discounts using their loyalty cards.

"Being a keystone in the northern California market, one of the country's most tech-savvy, Raley's is looking to find the best technology and partners to enhance our customers' lives," said Raley's director of CRM marketing and analytics Tom Hutchison "The content from Aisle50 and its direct tie into our rewards program will give Raley's a unique offering within our markets for a set of consumers that demands it."

Aisle50 also has partnerships with North Carolina-based Lowes Foods, Pennsylvania-based Shop 'n Save, New York-based D'Agostino and Oklahoma-based Homeland Stores.

"Our technology gives brands a way to convert consumers before they head to the store while also driving more trips and bigger baskets to our retailer partners," Aisle50 cofounder Christopher Steiner said. "We're excited to get into California and in front of the great set of consumers that Raley's serves."

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