Raley’s honored for energy-efficient refrigeration systems

West Sacramento, Calif. Raley’s Family of Fine Stores has received a GreenChill New Partner Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the company’s steadfast commitment to decreasing refrigerant emissions.

Raley’s joined the EPA’s GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership in January, and voluntarily committed to reducing refrigerant emissions to help fight climate change and protect the Earth’s ozone layer. It has received two gold-level store certification awards and two silver-level store certification awards.

"Even in Raley's first year as a GreenChill Partner, the company has already taken the lead in the number of GreenChill-certified stores," said Keilly Witman of EPA's GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration partnership.

As a new partner, Raley’s has pledged to go above and beyond regulatory requirements by measuring and tracking refrigerant emissions that affect climate change and the Earth's ozone layer, and then setting reduction targets for these emissions. It also participates in government/industry research initiatives to assess the performance of cutting edge, "green" refrigeration technologies.

“We look forward to continuing our work with the GreenChill Partnership on promoting green technologies, strategies, and practices to protect the ozone layer and significantly reduce greenhouse gases,”  said Randy Walthers, Raley’s energy manager.

More information about the EPA’s GreenChill Partnership is available at epa.gov/greenchill.

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