RCS Real Estate Advisors to serve as outsourced real estate department for Perfumania

New York City RCS Real Estate Advisors has expanded its previous portfolio optimization engagement with Perfumania, to now serve as the retailer’s outsourced real estate department.

Retained earlier this year to analyze Perfumania’s retail real estate portfolio and identify cost savings opportunities, RCS has extended their engagement to provide ongoing management of Perfumania’s real estate portfolio. In addition to seeking rent relief and lease terminations, where appropriate, new services include a focus on negotiating cost-effective renewals and seeking new store opportunities.

“RCS is working hard to increase the overall financial performance of the Perfumania brand,” said RCS Real Estate Advisors president and CEO Ivan L. Friedman. “Our retail real estate expertise, coupled with their ongoing success as the nation’s leading specialty perfume and fragrance retailer, has already proven to be a winning partnership.”

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