Rebecca Minkoff puts virtual mirror into shoppers hands

Mirror, mirror in her hand, is Rebecca Minkoff one of the most innovative retailers in the land?

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- 9:20 PM
mikewittenstein says

It's brave of this brand to put a cool feature that drove traffic into its stores into the hands of its customers (who might not be in the stores when they use it). Many other retailers wouldn't risk doing that. When I wrote about the Magic Mirror ( last summer, I never expected it to be available outside the store's walls. I am pleasantly surprised to be wrong about that. Even if competitors copy the functionality, they will be hard pressed to replicate the service elements and integration RM has already developed. What a great idea extension the 'mini' magic mirror is. It's gone upward from brand-defining experience to virtual brand ambassador for the company. Nice work, RM!

- 4:41 PM
mikewittenstein says

Last year, I wrote about RM's 'magic mirror' (, but I never thought it would leave the store. I thought that big, cool, virtual mirror was going to remain as a destination experience for the brand. I was wrong. RM has raised the bar on itself. Sure, others can add their own version of the morror tech, but RM's in-store operations and fulfillment have had time to season. They're probably ahead of others and that's why the RM experience is nearly impossible to replicate. Turning a well-implemented, in-store technology into an app destined to become a brand ambassador is a very smart move.

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